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HANSUN-Wind power station monitoring solution

New wind energy: Wind power control system includes on-site wind turbine control unit high-speed ring redundant optical fiber Ethernet / remote host computer operator station and other parts. The on-site wind turbine control unit is the core of the control of each wind turbine, realizing the functions of parameter monitoring, automatic power generation control and equipment protection of the unit. HANSUN uses HX2016 in the wind power station monitoring system solution. An industrial Ethernet switch is placed at the bottom of each wind turbine tower. The ring network equipment and core equipment are installed through the 1000M optical fiber interconnection core room to form two HX205s to aggregate multiple ring network data. flow. Each wind turbine is composed of HX208 and HX209 industrial Ethernet switches to form multiple gigabit ring network redundancy protocols to ensure worry-free switching of the network and improve the efficiency of network data transmission.



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