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HANSUN-Highway monitoring system

The highway monitoring system refers to the monitoring system established to solve the two main problems in highway operation: congestion and safety, the purpose of which is to ensure the safety of driving and the smooth flow of roads. The monitoring system is an important part of the highway traffic electromechanical system. Its main function is to rely on the relevant theories of modern traffic flow observation, guidance and control, and to use the latest scientific and technological development achievements in the fields of computer technology, closed-circuit television monitoring technology, and information multimedia technology. , Carry out a comprehensive observation of highway traffic operation conditions, vehicle driving conditions and road environmental conditions, and effectively guide and control the driving routes and driving modes of vehicles along the way. HANSUN uses HX2024W-8SFP-410G, HX2016W-8SFP, HX2004-2SFP, HX2008-2SFP, HX205 in the highway monitoring system solution. According to the environment, there is an interface station in each section, and each section of the line The monitoring adopts high-definition cameras, converges the video information through the ring network switch, and then converges each monitoring point in the monitoring sub-station through the ring network redundancy. The monitoring sub-stations upload and converge on the Gigabit switch in the monitoring center through the Gigabit Ethernet optical network channel, and transmit video information to the large monitoring screen to facilitate real-time control of the highway traffic conditions.



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