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HANSUN-Photovoltaic power station monitoring system

Photovoltaic power station monitoring is to connect the inverter, combiner box, irradiator, weather meter, electricity meter and other equipment of the photovoltaic power station through the data line, and use the photovoltaic power station data collector to collect the data of these equipment, and through the industrial network and other methods Upload to a network server or local computer, which is convenient for power plant managers and users to view and manage the operating data of photovoltaic power plants. Photovoltaic power plant monitoring can perform cluster monitoring and management, which is conducive to data collection, curve generation, and data analysis, which saves a lot of labor costs. Photovoltaic power plants are generally built on rooftops or remote areas. It is not very convenient to check on site, and the amount of power generation is directly linked to economic efficiency. Therefore, photovoltaic monitoring is helpful for people to find and solve problems in time. HANSUN uses HX2024W-8SFP-410G, HXP2008W-4SFP, HX2008W-8SFP to upload link redundancy to the station control layer in the photovoltaic power station monitoring system solution. The core computer room is composed of HANSUN switch HX2024W-8SFP-410G, HX2008W-8SFP converges multiple ring network data traffic. The HX2008W-8SFP industrial Ethernet switch forms multiple Gigabit redundant ring networks to form a redundant protocol. Each ring network is physically separated to improve network security and ensure worry-free switching of the network.



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