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Rail transit automatic ticketing solution

The automatic ticketing of urban rail transit is a window for providing services to the society and the source of information for operating income accounting. The main purpose of the system construction is to solve automatic ticketing and ticket checking, and to provide more flexible charging methods and ticket management methods. Network operations, performing functions such as ticket management and revenue management within the road network, have greatly improved corporate operations in terms of cost, quality, and service. HANSUN
HX2024W-8SFP, HXP2004W-2SFP, HXP2008-2SFP, HX208 industrial switch equipment networking is adopted in the solution of rail transit automatic ticketing and fare collection system. Station terminal system: The station terminal system equipment is connected to HXP2004W-2SFP, HXP2008-2SFP, HX208 series of managed industrial Ethernet switches, and then forms a redundant ring network with the core switch. Station computer system: HX2024W-8SFP is used to connect and converge the various equipment in the system before cascading with the core switch. Line center computer system: Two industrial Ethernet switches are used to store the servers, and the communication servers are redundantly interconnected in a ring network structure of one master and one backup. Three HX2024W-8SFP gigabit industrial Ethernet switches are used to maintain the maintenance center/training. And the equipment of the three systems of the simulation system and the maintenance work area are cascaded to the station ring network to communicate with the line center.



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