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What Is PoE Switch? Where Can You Use It?

What is a PoE switch? PoE switch or power over Ethernet switch is a network switch that applies Power over Ethernet technology. With a PoE network switch, the network connectivity and the power to supply the PD (powered device) can both be efficiently realized over the Ethernet cable. Currently, there are all kinds of PoE network switches filled in the market. Based on the port number, the 8, 12, 24 port PoE switches, 48 port PoE switches are commonly seen in the market. When turning to the control level over the network, unmanaged and managed PoE switches are available.

PoE switches can be widely used in various places, from home to office, indoors to outdoors. It can transmit power and data for different devices at the same time. At home, you can use PoE powered devices like TVs, computer monitors and laptops. In offices, you can use VoIP and video phones, IP cameras, wireless AP, audio devices and remote computer terminals, etc.



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