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Hydropower station monitoring solution

Accidents in hydropower stations are often sudden and short in time. It is difficult for operators to make accurate analysis and judgments on the nature of the accident. When there is no monitoring and control, the judgment and handling of accidents depend to a large extent on the experience of the personnel on duty. After the monitoring system is set up, the equipment of the hydropower station is monitored online, and various parameters of the operating equipment are recorded and stored. Once an accident occurs, the computer analyzes the accident, and then executes the relevant accident handling procedures to make The accident was dealt with in a timely manner, and the nature, time and location of the accident were also recorded. Safety monitoring includes dam safety monitoring, reservoir flood control monitoring, and monitoring of operating equipment.
HANSUN uses HX2024W-8SFP-410G, HX2008W-4SFP, HX2016W-8SFP, HX2002-8SFP, HXP2008W-8SFP, HX2208-2SSC-20, HX208, HX209 in the entire hydropower station video network monitoring system, and multiple ring network data is aggregated to HX2024W-8SFP-410G is uploaded to the control and monitoring center to ensure that the monitoring of each monitoring point is in place, and the normal communication with normal communication improves the efficiency of network data transmission and the safe operation of hydropower stations.



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