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HANSUN-Rail transit environment and equipment testing solutions

The environment and equipment monitoring system is abbreviated as BAS, which realizes comprehensive and centralized real-time monitoring of the operation of mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation and air conditioning systems, water supply and drainage systems, lighting systems, elevators and escalators in subway stations. The application of BAS in urban rail transit can ensure the smooth operation of urban traffic, and it can effectively detect and verify the failures in traffic. BAS coordinates the orderly work of various equipment in the station, and under the premise of meeting the comfort of passengers, it minimizes operating energy consumption and reduces the management and operating costs of the station; in the event of fire, train congestion, etc., it can transfer in time and quickly Enter the corresponding operation control mode to protect the safety of passengers and minimize losses.

HANSUN uses HX2024W-8SFP, HX2002-8SFP, HX2016W-8SFP, HX205, HX209 in the rail transit equipment monitoring system solution to control the ventilation system through the on-site controller PLC equipment to control the ventilation system, and to the air conditioning system water supply and drainage system , Lighting system, escalator system, guidance system, screen door/safety door system, and upload data to the line center control workstation server monitoring through the main equipment double switch, and upload to the line center through the backbone ring network line, and the BAS control system synchronizes monitoring . The system access equipment such as BAS workstations and station servers are redundantly interconnected with the station backbone network through the main equipment double switches. The maintenance and backup center uses ring network switches for ring network redundancy connection, and the line center BAS system uses the core switch main equipment connection mode to connect to the core switch machine.



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