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HANSUN-Metro IP Video Surveillance Solution

Effectively monitor the entry and exit status of each subway station, and coordinate and interact with related system equipment under normal daytime operations and emergencies, so as to ensure the normal operation of the subway. The main functions of subway integrated monitoring include real-time centralized monitoring of electromechanical equipment and coordination and linkage between various systems. HANSUN uses HX2016W-8SFP, HX2002-8SFP, HXP2008W-4SFP in the subway IP video monitoring solution. The video surveillance system is divided into two parts: operational video surveillance and public security video surveillance. The operating dispatcher needs to monitor the station, passenger flow in the train and passengers getting on and off the train in real time to ensure safe, fast and punctual operation. In the event of an emergency, such as fire, anti-terrorism, natural disasters, etc., it can provide incident sites for related personnel Real-time images. In the rail transit equipment monitoring system solution, the maintenance and backup center uses the ring network switch to connect the ring network redundantly. The line center BAS system uses the core switch main equipment connection mode to connect to the core switch, ensuring that the monitoring of each monitoring point is in place, and Normal communication improves the efficiency of network data transmission.



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