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Power station control system solutions

Power stations are the source of power for the State Grid, and the development of power plant information automation and intelligence has always been the direction of electric power’s efforts. Distributed control system DCS further promotes the development of digitalization and informatization of power plants, and gradually realizes the unification of data and information of the DCS system and the principle of convenient management. The use of Ethernet transmission is the power plant industry

A major trend in the development of control and automation levels. HANSUN uses in the power station distributed monitoring system solution HX2024W-8SFP-410G, HX2002-8SFP. Field data access layer, through an interface conversion server on the DCS I/O layer, the field data information can be mapped to the data information on the DCS I/O bus, so that the DCS control is unified integrated. The data communication layer adopts the redundant ring network information composed of the main control system 1#2 machine. The upstream is connected to workstations, engineer stations and servers through the HANSUN gigabit industrial Ethernet switch, and the downstream is connected through the gigabit Ethernet switch HX2002-8SFP.Connect to the control and management host station, etc., to realize the redundant structure of the entire system, and the reliability and stability of package data transmission.



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