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Power automation alarm monitoring system solution

The substation online detection system refers to a measurement transmission and diagnosis system that is directly installed in the substation and can record the characteristics of the equipment’s operating status in real time. It is an important means to realize the status monitoring and maintenance of the substation. Through this system, the PTZ control signal is transmitted, and the functions of power video monitoring and linkage alarm are comprehensively realized. HANSUN uses HX2016W-8SFP, HX2002-8SFP, HX2005, HX2008, industrial Ethernet switches for forwarding in the automated alarm system solution. The on-site substation monitors and stores video information while the switch uploads the video information of each substation to the power bureau. Central gigabit backbone network monitoring center. Realize the monitoring center to remotely monitor the remote image of the lower-level substation, and then comprehensively realize the functions of video monitoring and linkage alarm.



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