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Industrial Automation Monitoring System

As the industrial automation system is developing towards distributed and intelligent real-time control, and with the rapid development of information technology, it is required Enterprises can achieve comprehensive and seamless information integration from the field control layer to the management layer. Industrial Ethernet technology provides an open infrastructure to meet the urgent needs for a unified communication protocol and network in the industrial control field, and has been widely promoted and applied. And will become the development direction of industrial control communication in the future.

 The industrial environment has very high requirements on the reliability of the industrial control network, requiring industrial Ethernet to have a strong redundancy function; industrial control has high requirements for real-time communication; the industrial environment is very harsh and often requires industrial Ethernet equipment to run for a long time In an environment with strong electromagnetic interference, severe vibration, dust, ultra-high temperature, or ultra-low temperature. HANSUN series industrial

Ethernet switch is specially designed for the harsh industrial environment and has reliable redundancy functions, making it an ideal choice for industrial control communication.

 HANSUN uses HX2024W-8SFP-410G, HXP2008W-4SFP, HX2008 in the industrial automation monitoring solution to form a network mode, which is directly connected to the automatic equipment, and the information collected by the sensor is fed back to the control station through HX2024W-8SFP-410G, and the control station is controlled at the same time The information is transmitted to multiple automation equipment such as PLC to realize the unified management and automation of automation equipment and sensor equipment.



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