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How to Select the Right Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure?

Rack Unit of Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

Rack mount fiber enclosures are generally made for 19-inch rack mount and come in rack units of 1U, 2U, 4U. 1U and 2U rack mount enclosures provide full front and rear access with a drawer that slides forward and backward, which can support up to 144 fibers (LC) and 288 fibers (LC) respectively. As for 4U rack mount enclosures, they feature a fixed bulkhead design to support up to 432 LC fibers. The following picture shows the different rack units of rack mount fiber enclosure, you could choose the most proper one depending on the space and requirements of your project.

Cover Removable, Slide-out or Swing-out Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

There are three general versions of rack mount fiber enclosures: cover removable, slide-out and swing-out type. If you have sufficient budget, slide-out type or swing-out type rack mount fiber enclosures are recommended. Although they are more expensive than the cover removable type, they respectively feature a convenient slide-out support tray and an integrated swing-out tray so that you don’t have to remove the whole fiber enclosure from the rack to gain internal access.

Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure with Fixed or Removable Front Panels

As we know, fiber optic adapters are the key part of rack mount fiber enclosures to accept the various fiber optic connectors. There exists fixed or removable front panels. The front can be loaded with appropriate fiber optic adapters, while the latter can accommodate several fiber optic adapter panels or cassettes. Nowadays, the removable front panels are becoming more popular with users, because a plug & play fiber adapter panel solution assures flexibility and ease of network deployment and MAC (moves, adds, and changes).

Splicing or Pre-terminated Fiber Termination for Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

Fiber pigtail splicing and pre-terminated fiber assemblies are the two basic ways to do fiber termination. For pigtail splicing, you may need a rack mount fiber enclosure with fiber splice holders that are used for efficient management and storage of the spliced optical fibers. But if you utilize pre-terminated assemblies, the inner configuration of the rack mount fiber enclosure is the spools used to organize fiber cables. Obviously, the pre-terminated fiber solution will help you save more installed time and labor cost.

Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure Loaded with FAP or MTP® Cassettes

Rack mount fiber enclosures loaded with fiber adapter panels (FAPs) can be applied in both pre-terminated and field-terminated cabling environments. Depending on your applications, spools or splice trays are required to be installed. Besides FAPs, rack mount fiber enclosures can also be loaded with MTP® cassettes, providing a secure transition between MTP and LC or SC connectors. This breakout rack mount fiber enclosure is generally a pre-terminated rack mount patch panel to support up to 144 fiber distribution within 1U rack space, making it an essential device for 40/100G Ethernet network migration.



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