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TDM Copper to Fiber Media Converter Applications

TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) copper to fiber media converters can be used to extend traditional TDM telecom protocol copper connections using fiber cables, which can improve noise immunity, quality of service, intrusion protection and network security. T1/E1 and T3/E3 converters are two common types. The application is often within a building, building complex or campus.

T1/E1 Application

T1/E1 copper to fiber media converters often provide diagnostic features to support the installation and maintenance of T1 or E1 connections. They enable the deployment of fiber into campus or industrial environments where fiber is free from electrostatic interference noises, making these converters especially important. They operate in pairs extending distances of TDM circuits over fiber. In this application, a pair of T1/E1 media converters are used to extend the demarcation point (hand-off from the Service Provider) to another tenant building with fiber.

T1/E1 Application.

T3/E3 Application

T3/E3 copper to fiber converters provide coax-to-fiber conversion and can be framing independent to operate with framed or unframed, channelized or fractional unchannelized data streams. They can be used to connect to devices such as PBXs (private branch exchange), multiplexers, routers and video servers via fiber. T3/E3 media converters also provide a cost-effective solution for extending telecom demarcation points.

T3/E3 Application.



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