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Guide for Choosing Suitable Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

Here listed some tips for selecting the right rack mount fiber enclosure for you to follow.

Physical Demand

Before you buy a rack mount fiber enclosure, list all the requirements of it and the complete measurements: height, depth, width, and weight, which will ultimately determine what type of rack mount fiber enclosure you need. Please remember to choose a rack mount fiber enclosure with a larger capacity for all your existing equipment and future growth.

Accessibility Requirements

Your rack mount fiber enclosure should provide plenty of access points through the rear and top of the cabinet for installation and ongoing maintenance. Accessing your enclosure to add cables, without moving or disturbing active fibers, isn’t always a simple task. Under such circumstances, slide-out or swing-out rack mount fiber enclosures are easier to access your equipment, but they often cost more. Although cover removable type enclosures are more affordable, they can be harder to access and more difficult to maintain.

Besides, you need to consider any additional devices you’d like to put in your enclosure, like hubs, routers, patch panels, and monitors. Remember that any accessories that are not rack-mountable will require additional trays, shelves, and mounting accessories.


Choosing an affordable rack mount fiber enclosure that within your installation budget serves as a basic requirement. Should you choose budget-friendly equipment that works for the time being or custom, high-quality equipment that meets your needs now and in the future? It’s up to you. Obviously, a premium rack mount fiber enclosure is a durable item that will provide services for years to come.



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