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Industrial vs Commercial Media Converters: What Are the Differences?

Industrial and commercial media converters are equipped with the same functions, but the industrial media converters support a wider operating temperature from -40℃ to 85℃ and a higher voltage range of 12-48 VDC. Besides, industrial media converters are equipped with a power supply with lightning protection and surge protection of no less than 4KV, and IP40 protection, ensuring stable and reliable conversion even in hazardous outdoor areas, such as oil/gas drilling, mining, weather tracking and so on. Industrial vs commercial media converters differences are listed in the chart below.

FeaturesIndustrial Media ConvertersCommercial Media Converters
Operating Temperature-40℃~85℃0℃~40℃
Power SupplyRedundant Dual PowerSingle Power
InstallationDIN-rail Mounting & ChassisDesktop & Chassis
CoolingFanless & Shell CoolingFree Air Convection
Case MaterialAlloyIron
Link Failure Recovery<300msMuch Longer



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