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HANSUN-Pipe gallery monitoring and alarm solutions

The underground comprehensive pipeline corridor is the super artery of the city, which will bring vitality to the city from inside to outside, and the problems of the scale management of underground pipeline construction are becoming increasingly prominent. The pipe gallery is a closed space. Once a fire occurs, the oxygen inside the pipe gallery will be quickly consumed, and a large amount of harmful gases such as methane and carbon monoxide will be produced, which can cause an explosion to a certain extent. When a disaster occurs, the internal environment of the pipe gallery is very harsh, and it is very difficult to repair, and it will also pose a threat to the personal safety of repair personnel. HANSUN uses HX2024W-8SFP-410G, HXP2008W-4SFP in the pipe gallery monitoring and alarm system solution. The integrated pipe gallery monitoring and alarm system is developed based on the urban integrated pipe gallery engineering technical specifications and other standards. The system adopts the Internet of Things architecture and is modular. Designed to meet the staged construction and operation, real-time environment, entrance and exit, etc. for all-round online detection and monitoring, to achieve integrated pipe gallery detection and monitoring, operation and maintenance, automation, and to ensure the safety of the internal environment, equipment, and operation and maintenance personnel of the pipe gallery.



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