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A Quick Guide to Managed Switches Infographic

Though unmanaged switches offer network administrators a simple ‘Plug and Play’ solution, larger networks require heftier security protocols and more complex configuration options. This guide explains that managed switches come in the form of smart switches and their more complete counterparts— fully managed L2 and L3 Switches.

Smart Switches

Smart switches offer limited configuration options compared to fully managed switches. Nevertheless, they can offer “certain levels of Management, QoS, Security, [among other features] but [they are] “lighter” in capabilities and [are] less scalable than Managed switches”.

With a simplified interface, 802.1x endpoint authentication and a modest ability to set up VLANS, smart switches offer more configuration options than unmanaged switches, though not as many as fully optimized switches.

Managed Switches

Managed Switches offer a myriad of configuration options that optimize and strengthen the security of a network.

Managed switches support Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and even Ten Gigabit speeds and come with PoE and non-PoE capabilities. Depending on the specifications of an individual model, PoE switches are able to support (15 watts) or 802.3at (25 watts) standards.

More advanced managed switches come prepared for newer IPv6 address configurations and SMP3 security protocols. Managed switches support more VLAN groups and better traffic management than smart switches. Stackable features which allow network administrators to manage a group of switches as a standalone unit makes scalability easier.

Some of the more advanced PoE switches come with smart energy efficient options such as putting a powered device on standby during non-business hours and can even awaken powered devices that have gone to sleep with a ping.

Certified Industrial Switches

Certified Industrial Switches are ideal for industrial environments with extreme temperatures in the range of (-10 to 60°C) and our extended models can withstand temperatures of (-40 to 75°C).

Certified industrial switches come with both PoE and non-PoE capabilities along with tough metal encasements to withstand steep industrial demands.



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