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What is Triple Play?

The so-called “Triple Play”, namely, “three networks fusion”, refers to the mutual penetration, mutual compatibility of telecommunications network, broadcasting network and computer communication network, and gradually integrated into a unified information and communication network. The purpose of “Triple play” is to realize the sharing of network resources, avoid low-level repetitive construction, and form a multimedia basic platform with wide adaptability, easy maintenance and low cost.

At present, the situation in China is quite special. The cable TV is controlled by the radio and television department, and the telephone is provided by three major operators, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom. The competition for Internet access is great.

Combined with the application of FTTH optical fiber to the home, the home transmission uses optical fiber medium (the way of entering the home through copper wire such as telephone line/network cable has been backward), which requires the optical fiber access equipment to provide TV interface (IPTV in the future, that is, IP network interface is required), telephone interface and Internet interface. With only one line of access, TV, phone and Internet can be combined, and a comprehensive set-top box can be used to watch TV, browse the web on a LCD TV, and a remote control can be used to make phone calls.



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