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Which Data Center Tier Is Right for You?

Although higher tiers offer a more reliable service, this does not necessarily mean a Tier 4 data center is best-suited for a business’s needs. Companies of various types typically gravitate towards specific tiers. It is ultimately up to the owner to determine which tier is best for their business needs. The following offers a guideline on the usual customers who opt for each tier.

Tier 1: Tier 1 data centers are best suited for small businesses and start-ups that want the most affordable and cost-efficient hosting option. Small companies without around-the-clock operations or complex IT requirements are more tolerant of frequent downtime.

Tier 2: These data centers are the go-to option for SMBs looking for a cost-effective, more reliable option than a Tier 1 facility. Small or medium-sized companies typically use Tier 2 facilities to host data backups or non-mission-critical databases.

Tier 3: Tier 3 data centers are the ideal choice for large companies with complex IT requirements that need extra fail-safes. Businesses that host critical and extensive databases, especially customer data, usually go for this tier.

Tier 4: These facilities are suitable for enterprises with enough budget and mission-critical requirements. Government organizations and large enterprises with crucial servers and intense customer or business demands are prime users of a Tier 4 data center.

Typically, cost and uptime are the two primary considerations when choosing a tier. Paying for a Tier 3 or Tier 4 data center when a cheaper facility would suffice is a waste of money. Likewise, setting up at a Tier 2 facility when you need higher uptime and have more complex IT requirements can leave your business open to risk.



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