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Why Use Active Optical Cable (AOC) Rather Than DAC or Fiber Transceiver?

For 10/40/100G transmission, there are many choices to meet the increasing needs for speed and performance. Why on earth do we need to choose active optical cable? The following part will demonstrate the potential advantages of AOC cable by comparing it with DAC cable and fiber optical transceiver.

From the chart, we can conclude that:

1. The lower weight and smaller bend radius of AOCs enable simpler cable management in high-density deployments.

2. The thinner AOC cables frees up a lot of space for increased air flow that is better helping to balance generated heat in crowded systems.

3. AOCs have great advantages over DACs especially when transmission distance reaches above 15 meters.

4. Optical fiber in AOC has considerable dielectricity, thus its EMI resistance level is considerably high.

5. AOC is a cost-effective and flexible short-reach (≤100m) direct-attach option in the interconnect system.

6. Since the connectors of AOC are factory pre-terminated, it is less affected by the repeating plug during daily use. It has also been proved that AOC has better reliability than that of transceivers.



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