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What to Consider When Buying AOC cable?

Similar to buying other fiber optics, there are many details to consider when choosing AOC cables:

AOC Cable Data Rate

AOC cables are designed for data rates including 10Gb/s, 25Gb/s, 40Gb/s, 100Gb/s and 120Gb/s, which accelerate storage, data, and high-performance computing connectivity. In the AOC market, data center managers seem to appreciate the affordability of a plug-and-play, high-bandwidth 40G link that AOC offers.

AOC Cable Length

AOC cables are designed to bypass the bulk and distance limitations of copper. AOC cable assemblies are typically used in data centers for 1- 100m link length. As for how to make the final decision about the cable length, it depends on your specific situation. Too long or too short, it is susceptible to manage the cabling.

AOC Cable Reliability

Another issue to consider when choosing an AOC is reliability. As data rates increase and customers become less tolerant of errors and failure, the reliability of all equipment becomes more critical. The tiny electronics embedded in the transceiver carry a potential for failure. It is a wise action to choose an AOC vendor that can show testing confirming its product’s reliability.

AOC Cable Price & Vendor

On the flip side, which brand should we choose for the AOC cables? From an economic standpoint, many IT technicians are more inclined to a decent alternative to third-party optics.

AOC Market

While many brands of AOCs are available on the market, all are not alike. As data rates increase, concern over power consumption and heat generation will increase. Low-power AOC cable assemblies will become more and more important as data center operators strive to lower carbon footprint and energy costs.



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