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What is industrial PoE?

Industrial Ethernet technology is an IT networking technology similar to regular PoE and offers end users the same capability to send data and power over a single Ethernet cable. One of the primary differences with industrial PoE is the addition of hardened casing on the device, sealing out potential dust and moisture that can erode internal parts and degrade functionality.

Also known as ingress protection (IP), this external shell allows PoE device implementation in harsh environments. Currently, industrial PoE solutions include a host of emerging applications, including industrial access control, 5G small cell radio units, PTZ cameras, high-performance wireless access points, display screens in transit stations, and outdoor or factory LED lighting systems.

The environments where many industrial technologies operate can often fluctuate in temperature, noise, and static discharge and are significantly different from that of in-building deployments.

Despite the harshness of these surroundings, industrial Ethernet Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) functions much the same as regular Ethernet, transferring power and data between low power devices.



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