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What Devices Can Use PoE?

PoE provides value for devices and networks that require power but also involve the transmission of data. The number of devices controlled remotely and requiring data is increasing exponentially as companies take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT). The number of IoT devices connected worldwide is expected to reach 75 billion by 2025!

This rapid expansion of network-connected devices will only increase the importance of PoE technology to most networking infrastructures.

While PoE has numerous applications, the three most common areas of implementation are currently:

  • VoIP Phones: VoIP phones are the original PoE devices, with PoE allowing for a single connection to the wall socket and the ability for remote powering down
  • IP Cameras: Security camera technology is constantly evolving, and one improvement is the use of PoE, enabling fast deployment and simple repositioning.
  • Wireless: Many wireless access points are PoE compatible, allowing for remote positioning. RFID readers are also often PoE compatible, which allows for easy relocation.
  • A more recent technology that benefits from PoE is smart home automation. This includes LED lighting, heating and cooling systems, appliances, voice assistants, and electric car charging stations.



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