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Media Converters Come in Different Forms

Media converters come in three different styles:

  • Chassis: Chassis-based media converters are designed for enterprise networks that use many cables—applications like data converters, LAN wiring closets, and switching rooms. These areas require a mix and match approach when dealing with different types of cables and networks. Chassis-based media converters are designed to support this type of high-density conversion.
  • Slide-in Media Converter Cards: This form of media converter adds additional flexibility (mix and match) for high-density conversion. These media converters slide into the chassis and draw power from the backbone of the chassis. Slide-in media converters provide various ingress and egress ports to meet the needs of an enterprise network.
  • Standalone Media Converters: Standalone media converters are compact, easy to install, and save space and money. This form of media converter is fit for applications in environments with little space, such as telecommunication cabinets, distribution boxes, etc.



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