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2022 PoE Benefits

There are six main advantages to using PoE technology in your local area network (LAN).

  1. Lower Costs: Because PoE technology only requires one cable to transmit both power and data in a network, significantly less cabling is required than with traditional electrical wiring. Also, with PoE, there is no need to hire expensive electricians to install it.
  2. Quick and Easy Installation: PoE PSEs (e.g., a PoE switch or PoE injector) are simple plug-and-play devices easily installed into a network.
  3. Flexible: Using PoE technology, PDs can be located in almost any location. For example, PoE extenders can be utilized for distances longer than 100m, shielded cables can be used for outdoor equipment, and industrial-grade PoE devices can be used in harsh environments.
  4. Scalable: The plug-and-play feature of PoE devices makes it easy to add new equipment to the network.
  5. Safe: PoE uses relatively low voltages; therefore, there is minimal risk of electrical hazard.
  6. Reliable: PoE devices that are in full compliance with the IEEE 802.3 standards are dependable and sound.



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