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How to Use a PoE Media Converter?

There are three main applications of PoE media converters: fiber to IP cameras, fiber to wireless access points, and fiber to the desktop. Here we take fiber to IP cameras as an example to show the application of a PoE media converter.

Before starting the deployment process, make sure you have access to the following devices: a Gigabit fiber switch, a 10/100/1000M PoE media converter, an IP camera, an Ethernet network cable (like Cat5e/Cat6), a fiber patch cable (like OS2/OM4), and two SFP fiber optic transceivers.

Step 1: Insert an SFP module into the fiber port of the PoE media converter and an SFP module into the SFP port of the switch.

Step 2: Connect a fiber optic cable to the SFP module on the PoE media converter and the other end of the cable into the switch.

Step 3: Connect the RJ45 ports of the PoE media converter and the IP camera using a UTP Ethernet cable.



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