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How to Select the Right PoE Media Converter?

How to choose the best PoE media converter that suits your network requirement? There are some points you should consider.

Data rate: The data rate of the PoE media converter is the first thing that should be considered. There are 10M, 100M, 1000M, 10/100M, and 10/100/1000M PoE media converters in the market which can be chosen as you need.

Port number and port type: In most cases, a PoE media converter features one fiber port and one RJ45 port, but there are still some PoE fiber to Ethernet converters that have multiple ports such as one or two fiber ports and four RJ45 ports.

Single mode or multimode: According to the transmission media, the PoE media converter can be divided into single mode converter and multimode converter, which will affect the transmission distance and the fiber optic transceivers/fiber patch cables that can be used.

Duplex mode: As some PoE media converters can only be used as full duplex but not half duplex, packet loss may occur when it is connected with the switch or hub that supports half duplex. So make sure whether the PoE media converter supports either full duplex or half duplex or supports both of full duplex and half duplex.

Operating temperature: It should be noted especially when you need an industrial PoE media converter. Remember to check the operating temperature of the media converter to see if it can operate under extended temperature (generally from -40 °C to 75 °C). Therefore you should check the operating temperature with your media converter provider about whether you can install them in extreme environments.

Standards: Generally PoE media converter are IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3at, or IEEE802.3bt compliant. Confirm that the PoE media converter you want supports these standards or there may be some compatibility problems.



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