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Do I Need an Industrial PoE Switch?

Before considering if you need an industrial PoE switch, you should consider first if there are some bad scenes where you need to use it. So the application scenario is the most worthy of your consideration.

If you want to connect PoE-powered end devices such as IP cameras, phones, wireless access points, sensors, and more, industrial-grade poe switches are also a good choice. In addition, unmanaged industrial PoE switches have limited functions and are suitable for small and medium-sized network scenarios; managed industrial PoE switches have flexible networking solutions and are mostly used in the connection layer of large, medium and small networks. HANSUN managed industrial PoE switches are good choices.

If you want to install a poe switch in harsh environments, such as traffic control cabinets, factory workshops, and outdoor locations with extremely low or extremely high temperatures, industrial PoE switches are very suitable.

According to the application scenario, it should be easy to find the type of industrial-grade switch that is directly needed, and then consider some switch characteristics, and then you can find a suitable switch for yourself. Hopefully this can provide beneficial help to everyone.



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