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Benefits of PoE Security Camera System

PoE Security Camera System indeed prevails in almost all aspects compared to the previous ones. This part will explore the benefits of this advanced PoE Security Camera System that adopting IP cameras cooperated with PoE switches.

High-definition Images and Long-term Storage

The images recorded by preceding analog surveillance cameras are low-resolution, around one-half of a megapixel (MP), which is not sufficient for official investigations. Howover, the high-definition digital images produced by IP cameras are clearer with typical shooting resolution ranging from 1MP to 5MP. Furthermore, digital videos can be stored for a long time on a variety of media like PC hard drives, and Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems. Even if large volumes of data have been stored, the videos can be searched quickly based on dates or locations even if large volumes of data have been stored.

Daily Records & Notifications

The major task of surveillance cameras is watching the entranceways to detect entering or leaving, so as to reveal the “grab and run” theft and invasion events. The PoE security camera systems can flag these events and send notifications directly to the user’s smartphone, along with the recorded footage. Some camera systems can even get a one-touch connection to local law enforcement.

Widespread Access Distribution

Distance won’t be a problem in a PoE surveillance system, because the video from IP cameras can be monitored from remote sites, or even to locations outside the business with the aid of the Internet. Through integration with the existing Ethernet IP network, the operation of the surveillance cameras can be incorporated with an organization’s IT environment. Thus, multiple applications will be converged onto a unified network. The picture below presents a unified remote site surveillance IP network.

Widespread Access Distribution With IP Cameras

Secure Connectivity

In a PoE IP video system, a series of measures are taken to prevent access from unwanted users and malicious users. PoE security cameras may provide different levels of password-protected access: some authorized users may only have access to view images from specific cameras; some may have operator-level access; a few have access to administer all settings in the PoE network camera. Besides the multi-level password protection, PoE security camera systems adopting IP networks may offer AES encryption and IP address to choose to give or deny access rights to IP addresses, and use mechanisms like IEEE 802.1X to strictly control network access.

Convenient Installation

With the support of PoE switches, both power and data can be provided to cameras over the same Ethernet cable, without separate power cables. Only one single unshielded twisted pair (UTP) runs to PoE switch, which provides a cost-effective and time-saving solution. For new installations, the current cabling can be incorporated, and subsequent upgrades or expansion of this security camera system can also be simplified on account of the utilization of the existing network infrastructure.

Flexible Deployment

Unlike analog systems that require coaxial, fiber, or UTP cabling, IP security cameras can be deployed anywhere reachable by Ethernet cabling or a wireless access point, which expands deployment even to reach outdoor coverage. Adding, moving, or removing cameras without taking other cameras or equipment offline ensures no gaps in the recording.

Intelligent and Centralized Management

Adopting a PoE surveillance system on IP networks is beneficial to protecting the integrity and availability of recorded surveillance videos and images—to prevent data loss, back up mission-critical data, and recover quickly from outages. All the devices including IP cameras, PoE switches, wireless access points (AP), and storage devices can be monitored in case of detected issues. For instance, if an IP camera goes offline, the PoE security camera system can immediately alert administrators, who will assign another camera to cover that area. Moreover, if a storage unit is unavailable, the backup storage can automatically take over to prevent recorded data being lost.



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