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Different Types of Industrial Switches

Different industrial network switches have different functions and features, and based on these functions and features, industrial switches can be divided into unmanaged or managed industrial switch, industrial PoE switch or Non-PoE switch, Din-rail switch or rackmount switch, etc. Here explains their differences for you:

Unmanaged / Managed Industrial Switches

managed industrial switch allows you to manage, configure, and monitor your LAN settings. Also known as a hardened managed Ethernet switch, you can use this network element to establish various controls over your industrial Ethernet LAN traffic. For an unmanaged industrial switch, there’s no need to set anything up, you can plug and play immediately with your network.

Industrial PoE / Non-PoE Switches

PoE switch is a networking device with PoE passthrough that has multiple Ethernet ports to connect network segments. It not only transmits network data but also supplies power via an Ethernet network cable. Non-PoE switch, as the name suggests, there is no PoE in the switch to supply electrical power for end-users over Ethernet.

PoE/non-PoE switches that feature an industrial-grade design that can provide resistance to moisture, dust, dirt, oil, or other foreign substances that might otherwise damage the equipment are called industrial PoE switches or non-PoE switches. The high-capacity PoE budget of an industrial PoE switch can be leveraged to deploy and power nearby substation field equipment including IP surveillance cameras and valve controls.

Note: An industrial PoE switch can also be divided into managed industrial PoE switch and unmanaged industrial PoE switch.

Din-rail Switch / Rackmount Switch / Wall-mount Switch

Industrial Ethernet switches support different mounting types and can be installed exactly where you need them, whether on a standard DIN rail (a widely used standard metal rail used to mount control equipment in industrial networking solutions), in the control cabinet, or outside the control cabinet. Commonly seen industrial specialty switch models include DIN-rail switches, wall mount switches, and rackmount switches. These specially designed switches can provide flexible mounting options for easy installation, which is ideal for efficient use of cabinet space in harsh environments.



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