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Applications of Industrial Switch

The regular Ethernet switch is not reliable enough to deliver data accurately in critical environments, while an industrial Ethernet switch with the above significant features can challenge the harsh conditions. Some typical applications for industrial Ethernet switches are as follows:

  • Industrial switch in energy industries—–Take underground mine shafts for example, using an industrial Ethernet switch for underground coal mines can effectively block dust, dirt and other particulate matter that might cause damage to the equipment.
  • Industrial switch in transportation industries—–Industrial switch equipped with industrial-grade protection construction such as IP40 to withstand high-intensity of vibration and shock, which helps you to get the data that is generated from a moving object.
  • Industrial switch in electricity substations—–High electromagnetic interference is a big challenge for electricity substations, a robust, reliable and secure harsh environment switch is the answer to solve this problem. Because industrial switch has strong anti-interference performance and can work in the harsh electromagnetic environment, while commercial switch doesn’t support it.
  • Industrial switch in smart city surveillance—–Using an industrial PoE switch to provide the required power for your PoE devices like IP cameras in smart city surveillance is a wise choice to monitor crowds and traffic. To get a robust industrial network PoE switch to enjoy the benefits of simplifying the cabling and controlling the device in an easier way.
Industrial Switch in Industrial Environments



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