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CWDM vs DWDM: Advantages and Disadvantages

CWDM Advantages and Disadvantages

CWDM AdvantagesCWDM Disadvantages
Lower power consumption
Smaller space requirements
Can use SMF fiber or MMF cable
Can use LED’s or Laser’s for power
Larger individual payloads per channel
Smaller and cheaper wave filters
Cost savings on start-up and expansion
Less capacity than DWDM
Less range
Regeneration vs amplification
O, A and M functions are not carrier-class

DWDM Advantages and Disadvantages

DWDM AdvantagesDWDM Disadvantages
Maximum capacity system available
Maximum distance capability with EDFA’s
Repeater “amp” sites can be reduced
Pay as you grow expansion
Mature O, A and M systems are developed
Need more space
Need more power
Need high accuracy lasers and wave filters
Expensive EDFA’s for amplifiers
Start-up costs are more than the equivalent CWDM system



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