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An Urgent Need for Network Capacity with BiDi Technology

The primary reason for implementing BiDi technology in your network is the increasing bandwidth demand nowadays.

  • A larger number of new devices — With more and more new devices enters into the Internet of Things (IoT), companies need more additional bandwidth to handle the data which these devices are transmitting and receiving.
  • Huger traffic in the cloud — As a result of a large number of new devices and with more companies look to take advantage of big data, it is necessary to maximize the capacity for huge traffic in the cloud.
  • More complex traffic in data center — Data centers are now shifting increasing amounts of traffic internally which data primarily traveled from the data center to the client and back. So more bandwidths are required for the data center to keep traffic flowing smoothly.
  • Increasing applications delivered as services — Now more and more companies regard software as a service rather than a product, which makes the online software solutions turn to additional bandwidth to function correctly.
  • Additional bandwidth for virtualization — According to the IDC Worldwide Virtual Machine Forecast, organizations are using more virtual machines per server which creates a pressing need for greater I/O performance from each rack to provide the flexible capacity and scale they need.



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