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Why Use PoE Switch for IP Camera Systems?

First of all, you have to know what a PoE switch is and how it works in IP camera systems.

PoE, short for power over Ethernet, is a technology designed to simplify cabling by simultaneously sending power and data over one Ethernet cable. Nowadays, PoE is commonly used in systems like security camera systems, not only because Ethernet cable is cheap and easy to run, but also because PoE and IP technologies support high-resolution cameras that offer improved video quality for IP camera systems. A PoE switch for IP cameras is a device used to connect and power the IP cameras via Ethernet cables. The primary function of a PoE switch in IP camera system is to interconnect the cameras to an NVR (Network Video Recorder) and transmit the data (video and audio) to be recorded in such a device. It normally comes with multiple ports to support more than two IP cameras. Other than that, PoE switch with more power juice can provide more power for IP cameras that require more power as common culprits like video loss and IP camera poor performance can happen due to insufficient power supply to IP cameras.

In short, the benefits of using a PoE switch for IP camera systems are as follows:

  • Longer runs – IP cameras can be installed in locations of longer distance;
  • More connected devices – more IP cameras can be connected together;
  • Larger power output – more power can be supplied for IP cameras;
  • Easier to manage – activity lights on switch will help troubleshoot the IP cameras;



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