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Why Should We Use A Managed Switch With PoE?

Nowadays, managed PoE switches are getting more and more popular among network users. Many people are likely to choose a managed switch with PoE function rather than an unmanaged one. Why does this appear? Are there special reasons? Look at this post to learn why you should use a managed switch with PoE as well as the difference between an unmanaged PoE switch and managed PoE switch.

What Is A Managed Switch?

You may know that network switch can be divided into two types in management level, namely managed switch and unmanaged switch. Then, what is a managed switch? What’s the difference between unmanaged vs. managed switch?

Actually, a managed switch is a switch that allows access to one or more interfaces for the purpose of configuration or management of features such as Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), port speed, VLANs, etc. It can give you more control over your LAN traffic and offer advanced features to control that traffic. For example, the FS S5800-48F4S 10GbE switch , supporting MLAG, VxLAN, SNMP, etc.

 On the contrary, an unmanaged switch just simply allows Ethernet devices to communicate with one another, such as a PC or network printer. It is shipped with a fixed configuration and do not allow any changes to this configuration.

Advantages of A Managed Switch

Normally, a managed switch is always better than an unmanaged one since it can provide all the features of an unmanaged switch. Compared with an unmanaged switch, a managed one has the the advantages such as administrative controls, networking monitoring, limited communication for unauthorized devices, etc.

What Is PoE? Why Should You Use A Managed Switch With PoE?

From the introduction above, you may be aware of the importance of a managed switch. Then, why should you use a managed switch with PoE? Do you know what a managed PoE switch is?

What Is PoE?

Actually, PoE means power over Ethernet. The main advantage or feature of PoE is delivery of data and power at the same time over one Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable. It ends the need for AC or DC power supplies and outlets. What’s more, a remote installation costs less than fiber as no electrician is required.

Why Should You Use A Managed Switch With PoE?

PoE is not recommended for sending network data over long distances, or for extreme temperatures unless industrial designation is present. It is often seen to be used in a Gigabit Ethernet switch and it is mainly used with IP cameras, VoIP phones and WAP (wireless access points). These are the reasons why you should use a managed switch with PoE. Here, let’s take FS 8-port Gigabit PoE+ managed switch as an example.


With all the illustration above, you may have a general understanding of what a managed PoE switch is and why you should use it in certain circumstances. A managed switch with PoE not only includes all the functions that a managed switch has, but also enables you to transfer data and power at the same time over one Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable.



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