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What Types of Data Center Are Available?

The evolution of traditional data centers into cloud computing data centers is a gradual process. In terms of the services provided, data centers can be divided into four types, enterprise data centers, managed service data centers, colocation data centers and cloud data centers.

Enterprise data centers

They are facilities that are built and operated by enterprises to support their data processing and storage needs. Generally placed in corporate campuses.

Managed services data centers

Managed services data centers are data center models that are deployed, managed and monitored by a third-party data center service provider. They provide features and functionality similar to that of a standard data center, but through a managed service platform.

Colocation data centers

Typically, various companies seeking colocation services rent space from colocation providers and offer management components, including servers, storage, and firewalls, while colocation data centers provide colocation infrastructure: buildings, cooling, bandwidth, security, and more.

Cloud data centers

Cloud data center is a new type of data center that is fully virtualized based on cloud computing architecture, e.g., companies can host both data and applications to cloud service providers.



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