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What is the advantages of BiDi Module?

This single fiber BiDi transmission gradually becomes a popular and cost-effective solution for today’s data center and IT infrastructure because of its unbeatable advantages:

  • Double Your Network Capacity – One benefit of BiDi is that it allows you to make full use of all your fiber strands and can therefore double your network capacity. This is because one strand is used to carry information in both directions, for example, if you have a six-strand cable you would be able to utilize all six stands rather than three for one direction and three for the other.
  • Reliability – Another benefit is increased reliability, single strand solutions are less prone to connection errors due to fewer connections and endpoints.
  • Cost – With the reduction of fiber strands by half, the number of patch cords and patch panel ports can be reduced accordingly, as well as reducing the amount of tray space dedicated to fiber management.



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