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What Is Fibre Channel Switch?

Fibre Channel (FC), designed for storage area networks (SANs), is a high-speed network technology used to connect computer data storage to servers, providing point-to-point, switched and loop interfaces to deliver in-order and lossless raw block data.

In the switched fabric topology that requires switches, all the devices are connected and communicated via switches. Fibre Channel SAN switches serve the same general purpose as any other network switches: automatically connecting senders and receivers, playing an important role in interconnecting multiple storage ports and servers. Compatible with Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP), fibre channel switches feature high-performance, low-latency, high-availability, and lossless data transmission in a Fibre Channel fabric topology and are specifically designed to handle heavy transaction loads over high-performance Fibre Channel networks.

A fibre channel switch connects to storage and servers.



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