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What Is an Unmanaged Switch Used For?

Unmanaged switches are mostly used to connect edge devices on network spurs, or on a small stand-alone network with only a few components. It’s suitable for any business that wants to reduce the cost of network maintenance and has a limited budget. They are also applicable for home use, SOHO, small businesses or to add temporary workgroups to larger networks.

It also can be used to build a Dante network, which uses audio from one place to another over long distances. But note this: Use a switch that does not support EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet), because EEE is a relatively new technology, using a switch with EEE may cause some poor synchronization performance and occasional dropouts.

Unmanaged switches are an affordable solution for SOHO and SMBs. It works on a plug-and-play basis, which is very convenient, and you don’t need any technicians or professionals to help you set up and maintain your Network.



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