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What Are SOHO Networks Facing?

Building an SOHO network is not always straightforward, and SOHO networks are facing some challenges.

Speeds Are Limited

In the past, network business volume was small, just browsing the web and receiving emails, etc., which did not require a high rate. But now the networks are used to do more business volume, and the speed has also increased a lot. In addition to increasing the speed of the local network, the equipment must also be selected appropriately. For instance, you need to layout a 1000Mbps speed network, you can choose a 1G switch. Moreover, on any network, the speed is restricted by the slowest component of the network. For example, a 100 Mbps switch talking to a computer with a 1000 Mbps network card is restricted to 100 Mbps. In this case, you need to upgrade the switch to a gigabit network and update the equipment at the same time, the speed will be 1000 Mbps.

Equipments Are Limited

Most of the devices used in a SOHO network are basically a scale down version of the exact equipment that is used for the enterprise network. Also, SOHO unmanaged switches usually tend to be of good quality and low price. That is, this will cost you less money and this can give you financial help to a certain degree. SOHO equipment should only be used on SOHO networks and not meant to be used on larger networks. However, in SMBs, SOHO unmanaged switch with a plug-and-play design is perfect, which makes for easy deployment, no technician needed.

Environment Is Limitated

Before designing a SOHO network, there is a range of environmental considerations to be kept in mind, especially design a wired network. Additionally, SOHO network will be limited by the amount of internet bandwidth that will be coming to the building. When you equip an SOHO unmanaged switch for setting up the SOHO networks in places that often thunder, maybe double lightning protection is a necessity to ensure the servers can continue to work normally and stable data transmission.



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