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DAC (Direct Attach Cable)/


Up to 10.3125Gbps data rate per channel

Up to 7m transmission

Hot-pluggable QSFP+ 38 PIN footprint

Compatible to SFF-8436

Single 3.3V power supply

Temperature Range: 0~ 70 °C

RoHS compliant

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QSFP+ Direct Attach Cables are compliant with the SFF-8436 specifications. SFP+ Direct Attach Cables are compliant with the SFF-8431, SFF-8432 and SFF-8472 specifications. Various choices of wire gauge are available from 30 to 24 AWG with various choices of cable length (up to 7m).

QSFP+ TO 4SFP+ DAC Specifications
Number of LanesTx & Rx
Channel Data Rate10.3125 Gbps
Operating Temperature0 to + 70°C
Storage Temperature-40 to + 85°C
Supply Voltage3.3 V nominal
Electrical Interface38 pins edge connector(QSFP+)
20 pins edge connector(SFP+)
Management InterfaceSerial, I2C

High Speed Characteristics

Differential ImpedanceZd90100110Ω
Differential Input Return LossSDDXX<-12+2* SQRT (f) with f in GHzdB0.01~4.1GHz
<-6.3+13*Log10/(f/5.5) with f in GHzdB4.1~11.1GHz
Common Mode Output Return LossSCCXX< -7+1.6*f with f in GHzdB0.01~2.5GHz
Difference Waveform Distortion PenaltydWDPc6.75dB
VMA LossL4.4dB
VMA Loss to Crosstalk RatioVCR32.5dB

Regulatory Compliance

FeatureTest MethodPerformance
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) to the Electrical PinsMIL-STD-883C Method 3015.7Class 1 (>2000 Volts)
Electromagnetic Interference(EMI)FCC Class BCompliant with Standards
CENELEC EN55022 Class B
RF Immunity(RFI)IEC61000-4-3Typically show no measurable effect from a 10V/m field swept from 80 to 1000MHz
RoHS ComplianceRoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and it’s amendment directives 6/6RoHS 6/6 compliant
  • Low EMI radiation switches, servers and routers
  • Data center networks
  • Storage area networks
  • High performance computing
  • Telecommunication and wireless infrastructure
  • Medical diagnostics and networking
  • Test and measurement equipment

The connector is compatible with the SFF-8436 to SFF-8432 specification.


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