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Electrical interface compliant to SFF-8431

850nm VCSEL laser and PIN photo-detector

Maximum link length of 150m on OM2 MMF and 300m on OM3 MMF

Hot Pluggable

Built-in digital diagnostic functions

Operating case temperature 0°C to 70°C

RoHS compliant

  • Product Detail
  • Applications
  • Pin Descriptions of 10G SFP + AOC
  • Mechanical Dimensions

HANSUN Communication HX10-SFP-AOC-xM is a Pluggable SFP  for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, compliant with the SFF-8431. This transceiver is a high-performance module for short-range data communication and interconnect applications. The length up to 150 m using OM2 MMF or 300 m using OM3 MMF. 

Applications of 10G SFP+ AOC

  • 10G Ethernet, Data Centers
  • Infiniband transmission

Specifications of 10G SFP+ AOC

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Storage TemperatureHX-2085
Relative HumidityRH085%
Case Operating TemperatureTCase070
Supply VoltageVCC-0.33.6V

Recommended Operating Conditions

Case Operating TemperatureTCase070
Supply VoltageVCC3.133.33.47V
Supply CurrentIcc0300mA
Data RateDR10.3125Gbit/s

Transmitter Specification

Input differential impedanceZin90100110Ohm
Differential Data Input SwingVin2001600mVp-p
Transmit Enable VoltageVEN0.8V
Transmit Disable VoltageVD2.0V
Average launch powerPAVG-6.5-1dBm
Extinction RatioER3.0dB

Receiver Specifications

Differential Data Output SwingVout3701600mVp-p
Bit Error RateBER10-12
Receiver OverloadPinmax2.5dBm
Output Differential ImpedanceZout90100110Ohm
LOS FaultVOH2.4V
LOS NormalVOL0.4V
  • 25 GbE and 10GbE break-out applications for Datacom switch and router connections

Pin Definitions of 10G SFP + AOC

1VeeTTransmitter Signal Ground
2TX_FAULTTransmitter Fault (LVTTL-O) – Not used. Grounded inside the module
3TX_DISABLETransmitter Disable (LVTTL-I) – High or open disables the transmitter
4SDATwo Wire Serial Interface Data Line (LVCMOS – I/O)
(same as MOD-DEF2 in INF-8074)
5SCLTwo Wire Serial Interface Clock Line (LVCMOS – I/O)
(same as MOD-DEF1 in INF-8074)
6MOD_ABSModule Absent (Output), connected to VeeT or VeeR in the module
7RS0Rate Select 0 – Not used, Presents high input impedance.
8RX_LOSReceiver Loss of Signal (LVTTL-O)
9RS1Rate Select 1 – Not used, Presents high input impedance.
10VeeRReceiver Signal Ground
11VeeRReceiver Signal Ground
12RD-Receiver Data Out Inverted (CML-O)
13RD+Receiver Data Out (CML-O)
14VeeRReceiver Signal Ground
15VccRReceiver Power + 3.3 V
16VccTTransmitter Power + 3.3 V
17VeeTTransmitter Signal Ground
18TD+Transmitter Data In (CML-I)
19TD-Transmitter Data In Inverted (CML-I)
20VeeTTransmitter Signal Ground



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