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Powerful Reasons to Use a VLAN

There are five  huge benefits when using a VLAN.


  1. Enable logical grouping of workstations even when their physical locations are dispersed: For example, when users move to a new place but continue performing the same job, there is no need for reconfiguration. Conversely, should a worker change their job function, they do not need to move their physical location; VLAN membership to a new team is simple.
  2. Reduce the need for routers: Routers will only be needed for sending data outside the VLAN. While routers have greater capabilities than switches, they are subject to bottlenecks. Because VLANs do not need to communicate with devices via a router, they can handle a more significant workload, and latency is reduced significantly.
  3. Reduce network traffic: Users only receive broadcasts that are intended for them. If a router is not connected between VLANs, members of different VLANs will be unable to communicate.
  4. Increase flexibility: VLANs can be configured and assigned based on various criteria such as port, protocol, or subnet. Network design can be changed easily. Furthermore, groups of workers who need to collaborate can do so even if they are on separate floors of an office building or in separate buildings altogether.
  5. Decreases the amount of time administrators spend on oversight of the network: VLANs automatically limit access to specified groups of workers. When workstations are moved, administrators do not have to reconfigure the network.



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