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PoE has Industrial Applications

There are many reasons to use PoE in an industrial environment. PoE is best when large data transfers and flexible distribution of power is needed. Here are some of the more significant industrial applications that PoE can handle:

  • Security: PoE is ideal for any automated security system. IP surveillance cameras require huge amounts of bandwidth. PoE has a scalable backbone technology, as well as the ability to provide power and control gate entry systems.
  • RFID/infrared: Devices like radio frequency identification (RFID) and infrared bar code readers track components, assemblies, and people–and have many industrial uses (such as, inventory control, material flow, and security). Simply put: PoE makes it easier, faster, and less expensive to place readers in more places.
  • Interconnectivity/Accessibility: As PoE extends Ethernet to the factory floor–the best of both serial/bus and TCP/IP world come together. Power backup devices (such as I/O and PLCs) already have Ethernet links, but their power needs are just too high for a strictly PoE solution. However, PoE power of control and communication modules can help with backup, continuity, and orderly shutdown should the primary power fail.
PoE Industrial Applications



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