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Media Converter Market: Why Continue to Boom?

The driving factors for the prosperity of media converter market come from many aspects.

Firstly, using media converters with existing Ethernet switches costs significantly less than upgrading to network switches with optical transceivers, which can be an economical choice for small network environments.

Secondly, their performances and technologies are becoming relatively mature and diversified, which can adapt to the changes of ever-growing network demands. The table below shows the functions of managed media converters and unmanaged media converters.

Functions of Managed and Unmanaged Media Converters.

Thirdly, it can increase network flexibility by allowing new devices to be added into the original cabling infrastructure, and it can also be inserted almost anywhere in the network, which can well accommodate future network requirements.

Fourthly, media converter has been widely used in a variety of fields, such as telecommunications, education, electricity, medical care, Internet etc. It can get Ethernet to individual homes, provide power for some remote devices such as IP cameras and access points, and is especially important for some harsh environments such as mines and factories.

Thus, even if universal deployment of fiber is achieved, media converters will still be needed. And they will get further developments and improvements based on new requirements of users.



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