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How to Minimize Network Latency With Ethernet Switches?

To reduce network latency with Ethernet switches, there are a few different techniques as described below.

Expand the Needed Capacity

To reduce latency and collisions, it is vital to provide the needed capacity using your Ethernet switch. Check your switch and see if it can provide you with the feature to expand network capacity. First, a fast engine is what you need. Ethernet switches with zero packet loss help the network gain better performance. LACP is a standard feature that helps to build better network performance by trunking ports.

Use VLANs to Segment Network

As the traditional flat network can easily overload switch links, Ethernet switches with VLAN features can send traffic to the location where it should go easily. There are many Layer 2 and Layer 3 VLAN Ethernet switches that Ethernet switches provide to segment traffic, such as based on port, dynamic VLAN assignment, protocol, MAC address and other types.

Use Cut-through Switching Technology

Cut-through switching is a method for packet-switching system, aiming to reduce network latencies to the minimum. This technique reduces latency through the switch when an Ethernet switch starts forwarding a packet before the entire packet has been received, normally, as soon as the destination address is processed. But note that it cannot operate when sending traffic from a slow port to a faster port or from one port to another port of the same speed.

Above are some tips to minimize network latency with Ethernet switches. There are many low latency Ethernet switches in the market which helps to gain better network performance. To minimize network latency, however, it is fundamentally necessary to not only focus on the switches that comprise the network but to also comprehend the latency and latency variation of the network as a system.



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