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How much power can PoE devices supply?

PoE+ devices can supply a maximum of 30 watts per port, while PoE devices can supply a maximum of 15.4 watts per port. However, some power is always lost over the length of the cable, and more power is lost over longer cable runs. The minimum guaranteed power available at the PD is 12.95 watts per port for PoE and 25.5 watts per port for PoE+.

PSEs also have a maximum power budget, which is the total amount of power they can supply to PDs at one time, measured in watts. Most PSEs do not have a high enough power budget to supply the maximum possible power to all PoE-capable ports, because most users do not require that much power. When you are shopping for a PoE-capable PSE, make sure that you calculate your required power budget carefully for all of the PDs you plan to connect.



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