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How Does a Gigabit Switch Work?

  • Generally, a Gigabit switch allows multiple devices to be connected to a LAN through coaxial cables, Ethernet cable twisted pair and fiber optic cables. And the Gigabit Ethernet switches use a unique MAC address that belongs to each device to identify the attached devices as each frame is received on a given port, so that it can correctly route frames to the required destination.
  • Then the Gigabit switch is responsible for managing the data flow between itself, other connected devices, cloud services and the internet at the moment the device is connected to the port of the Gigabit network switch, aiming to transmit the incoming and outgoing data to the correct port of the Ethernet switch according to the port of the sending device as well as the sending and destination MAC addresses.
  • Next, the Gigabit switch will use a MAC address table to remember the MAC address of sending devices and the ports that the devices connect to when the Gigabit network switch receives an Ethernet packet. The switching technology will check the MAC address table to find out whether the destination MAC address is connected to the same switch. If the answer is yes, the Gigabit Ethernet switch continues forwarding the packet to the destination port. If not, the Gigabit switch will deliver the packet to all ports and wait for a response.
  • Finally, during the process of waiting for a response. Suppose that the Gigabit network switch is connected to the destination device, the device will accept the data packet. If the device is attached to another Gigabit switch, it’s time for the other Gigabit switch to repeat the above actions until the frame reached the correct destination.



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