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How Can I Judge If the SFP Module Is Working?

  • Test whether the optical power is within the required range. If there is no light or low optical power, you should check the wavelength and measurement unit (dBm). Clean and check the end face of the optical fiber connector and optical port of the optical module,whether the end face of the optical fiber connector is black ,scratched or bends, and then replace the optical fiber connector or optical module for interchangeability test.
  • The optical power is normal, but the link cannot be connected. Check the link light. This problem pertains to the cabling. The application of bad or wrong cable, wrong cable wiring, or a cable having loops, may lead to this sort of issue.
  • The slot is put in an error-disabled state (corrupted software) after the SFP is inserted, eliminate the SFP transceiver from the slot and change it with an authorized module. If it does not recognize the SFP Module, verify your module just isn’t inserted upside down, check the module slot, or replace an authorized module for interchangeability test.



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