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Fiber Media Converters & the Benefits of Adding Fiber

As 5G infrastructure continues to roll out and fiber installations creep closer to the building—pole-top, tower siting, dark fiber and lit fiber configurations—the role of fiber optic in ultra-high-speed bandwidth is becoming central.

Fiber media converters have a vital role to play in supporting wired and wireless technology. Wherever fiber and twisted-pair cabling appear in the same network stream, the results are that end-users enjoy low latency, speed, high-availability and the ability to span distance with speed.

Fiber “with Power over Ethernet, the challenges of data and power delivery are mitigated. Ethernet’s ability to carry both DC power and data communications directly to and from a device allows that device more freedom of location, as it no longer needs to be tethered to an AC power source.”

End-users enjoy greater flexibility in where they can leverage each of these cable types and an optimal experience. Combining the best solutions where they are needed allows businesses and homeowners the ability to save money through single-cable Ethernet solutions and speedy fiber extensions to span the distance with fiber optic when required. The fiber media converter — both single-mode and multi-mode — is playing a considerable role in the smarter infrastructure design.



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